March 15, 2020, Update on the COVID-19 situation

March 15, 2020, Update on the COVID-19 situation

Dear Parents and Staff,

As you may be aware, our provincial government has cancelled indefinitely all Alberta K-12 classes effective March 16, 2020, and all students are to stay home.  It has become clear that it would be challenging to implement health recommendations like social distancing and proper cleaning protocols. 

The Minister of Education expects school authorities to continue their regular day to day operations and ensure the safety of our school facilities.  The Ministry expects maintenance, capital projects, cleaning of facilities, and administrative work to continue.  Therefore, all staff who are required to self-isolate but are not sick are required to work from home, as per the provincial guidelines distributed on March 14, 2020.  The work expectations will be further clarified in the coming days as new directions flow from Alberta Education, Alberta Health and PRSD.

As stated by the Minister of Education, Adriana LaGrange, “Now I know that student progression will be on the minds of both parents and students.  We expect every student to receive a final mark and that students will progress to their next grade level next year.  However, provincial assessments, such as provincial achievement tests will be cancelled as of this time.  Diploma exams essential for post-secondary acceptance will continue.”  I expect to be further communicating with you in the coming days concerning student assessment.

We are unsure at this time of the duration of the cancellation of classes, so students should not expect to pick up their belongings at this time.  Details concerning pick up of student belongings will be shared in the coming weeks.

Thanks to all staff and parents for your understanding and cooperation during this very challenging time.  I will continue to update you as this situation evolves.


Paul Bennett
Superintendent of Schools

Peace River School Division