Staff Directory

Board of Trustees
Dyck, Marie - Ward One
Owens, Crystal - Ward Two
Kuester, Darren - Ward Three, Board Chair
Walisser, Richard - Ward Four
Leitch, Lori - Ward Five
Robertson, Robyn - Ward Six
Velichka, Delainah - Ward Seven, Vice-Chair
Central Office Administration
Bennett, Paul - Superintendent
Murray, Adam - Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Freeman, Rhonda - Secretary-Treasurer
Bak, Angie - Executive Assistant/Administrative Assistant
Warne, Chris - Executive Assistant
Chaffey, Tammy - Finance Coordinator
Michaud, Laurie - Human Resources Coordinator
Peppler, Judy - Financial Accountant
Rieger, Kaitie - Payroll Coordinator
Wald, Amy - Support Staff Payroll Coordinator
Burns, Vanessa - Communications Coordinator
Wiebe, Theresa - Records Management Coordinator
Learning Services
Ploc, Aleeta - Assistant Superintendent of Learning Supports
Thompson, Jeff - Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
Bliska, Amanda - Divisional Inclusive Education Coordinator
Hanley, Taylor - Divisional Inclusive Education Coordinator
Bailey, Tanna - Early Learning Coordinator
Clements, Matt - Numeracy Program Coordinator
Crumpton, Holly - First Nations Metis Inuit Coordinator
Debogorski, Angeline - Literacy Program Coordinator
Scratch, Cynthia - Project Peace Program Manager
David, Golda - Home Education Coordinator
Carlyle, Tammy - Executive Assistant to Learning Services
Espetveidt, Sharla - Executive Assistant to Learning Services
Brochu, Melissa - Project Peace Success Coach
Carlson, Kendall - Youth Education Support Worker
Clarke, Kimberly - Project Peace Success Coach
Kramer, Connie - Family Liaison Worker
MacKay, Pamela - Youth Education Support Worker
MacKenzie, Sandra - Project PEACE Success Coach
Rainville, Darbee - Project PEACE Success Coach
Rebalkin, Tianna - Project PEACE Success Coach
Wearden, Mikailyn - Project PEACE Success Coach
Technology Services
Pierson, Shayne - Manager of Technology Services
Eastman, Brenda - Student Information Coordinator
Panchal, Kushal - IT Support Technician
Friesen, Christopher - Network Administrator
Cambridge, Kyle - IT Support Technician
Przybylski, John - Director of Support Services
Ruether, Jon - Facilities Manager
Smith, David - Safety and Wellness Coordinator
Williams-Pelrine, Karen - Facilities Finance Coordinator
Bowling, Brice - Maintenance Repairman
Buschbeck, Stefan - Maintenance Repairman
Fox, Timothy - Maintenance Repairman
Graham, Jerry - Maintenance Repairman
Hybner, Richard - Maintenance Repairman
Patterson, Brad - Maintenance Repairman
Pratt, Natasha - Maintenance Repairman
Wald, Dale - Maintenance Repairman
Przybylski, John - Director of Support Services
Rushton, David - Transportation Manager
Gordey, Crystal - Assistant Transportation Manager
Lee, Merlin - Transportation Operations Supervisor
Schramm, Heather - Route Planner
Glenn, Tammy - Transportation Finance Coordinator
Collett, Mark - Mechanic
Gillette, Ryley - Mechanic
Heck, Fred - Mechanic
Przybylski, Kirk - Mechanic
Pyttlik, Rolf - Mechanic